Frequently Asked Questions

Questions to ask when choosing a guide service, whether it be local, national or international

Is the Guide Service licensed, bonded and insured in Colorado?  It is important to be aware that guides conductiong "rogue trips" or persons presentiong themselves as guides without the proper licensing, bonding and insurance can leave the client exposed in the event of injury.  Always ask whether the guide/outfitter is properly licensed and insured to be conducting trips.  In Colorado, it is illegal to offer guided trips when not licensed and insured by the state.

What does the cost of a guided trip include?  At Trout's Fly Fishing, our trip costs are ALL INCLUSIVE, meaning we'll provide everything you'll need for a day on the water EXCEPT:

  • fishing license ($9 for a one day license in Colorado)
  • appropriate clothing and outerwear
  • guide gratiuty

Be aware of guides and outfitters that have hidden costs for equipment rental, terminal tackle (flies, leaders, etc.), lunch/drinks, etc.  Nothing will ruin a great day on the water liken additional bill to deal with at the end of your day.

What is the appropriate tip amount for a fly fishing guide?