Make Sure You’ve Got Plenty Of Mysis!

By: Jan 29, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
The Dillon Dam maintenance is coming to a close. 

F3T: The Follow Up

By: Jan 28, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
Well.....that was a good time.

Let’s Do It Again! A Guide’s Guide To Fishing The South Platte During Winter. THIS THURSDAY 1/29

By: Jan 27, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
In an attempt to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to hear this great presentation we're going to have Round 3 this Thursday!

A Guide’s Guide….The Follow Up

By: Jan 27, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
Wow.....THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by the shop last Thursday!

Gear Review- Fishpond Waterdance Hip Pack

By: Jan 26, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
Two thumbs up....only because I don't have three thumbs. This pack is a classic for a reason.

West Slope Retreat Follow Up: Frying Pan/Roaring Fork

By: Jan 25, 2015 | Author: Cody Hoeckelberg
Cody was able to sneak out of the big city for a 3 day retreat in Basalt. From the sounds of it, there's still a few hungry trout in that valley. 

Day 1 with my CO-LAB Men’s Fishpond High-E Hoodie

By: Jan 24, 2015 | Author: Kevin Cooke
The Voormi/Fishpond CO-Lab High E Hoodie is meant to be worn and the Trouts Fly Fishing team will put it through the ringer in 2015! Everyone in the fly shop now has a Voormi sweater and throughout the year, we'll post updates and reports of our adventures in our new Fishpond apparel.

2015 F3T World Premier- Tonight!

By: Jan 24, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
This ranks up there with birthdays and daylight savings time in the Spring!