Fly Fishing And Tapping Into Your Subconscious

By: Apr 04, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
This is sure to put a little smile on many of your faces. You know those times where you're in "the zone" when fly-fishing? Science may have just proven you really are. Whether it be making a cast expecting to get a bite, or perhaps setting the hook on a fish, only to think "I don't even remember seeing my indicator move". This certainly doesn't happen every single time I go fishing....but when it does, it sure is awesome. 

Friday Video Distraction: Summer Time And The Livin’s Easy Edition

By: Apr 03, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
Let's keep it rolling with the homemade Colorado footage! 

Join Trouts For TACO TUESDAY!

By: Apr 03, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
Join us this upcoming Tuesday, April 14th for Taco Tuesday. 

The Problem With Pebble: An Interview With Scot Hed

By: Apr 02, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
The term "Pebble Mine" has been around for a while now in the sporting community. We sat down with the man leading the charge to make sure Bristol Bay, Alaska remains just that.

Fly Fishing In April

By: Apr 01, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
Spring has sprung and the gettin' is good!

Trouts Guide Service Report: 3/27

By: Mar 31, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
The girls get it done on the South Platte in a BIG way!

Save The Date: In-Store Presentation with Daniel Galhardo, founder Tenkara USA

By: Mar 30, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
Join us as we welcome in TenkaraUSA founder Daniel Galhardo into the shop for an in-store presentation! 

It’s that time of the ‘quarter’ again…..

By: Mar 29, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
Colorado Cutthroat, Pennsylvania Browns, NorCal Steelhead, Clyde vs. the Bighorn, How Grayling Will Return To Michigan, Page Six Chicks, plus MORE!...cutest Yellow Lab puppy you'll ever see in your life not included.