And The March Photo Contest Winner Is…...

By: Apr 08, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
The Lahontan Cutthroat takes the prize. 

The Countdown Is On: Daniel Galhardo, founder TenkaraUSA TOMORROW NIGHT!

By: Apr 08, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
Don't forget to stop by the shop tomorrow night for an in-store presentation by Daniel Galhardo, founder/ceo of TenkaraUSA!

Trouts Guide Service Report: Early April

By: Apr 07, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
Baetis, Browns and 'Bows.  The fish are on the feed on the S. Platte!

Blue Wings On The Brain: The Refresher Course

By: Apr 06, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
Last Fall I wrote a piece about Blue Wing Olives (Baetis) mayflies. Additionally, you may have noticed I've been mentioning this little bug a lot lately in my fishing reports. The trout are really keying in on them right now, and in case you missed this article during the last go-round, here it is again for a little refresher. 

Fly Fishing And Tapping Into Your Subconscious

By: Apr 04, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
This is sure to put a little smile on many of your faces. You know those times where you're in "the zone" when fly-fishing? Science may have just proven you really are. Whether it be making a cast expecting to get a bite, or perhaps setting the hook on a fish, only to think "I don't even remember seeing my indicator move". This certainly doesn't happen every single time I go fishing....but when it does, it sure is awesome. 

Friday Video Distraction: Summer Time And The Livin’s Easy Edition

By: Apr 03, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
Let's keep it rolling with the homemade Colorado footage! 

Join Trouts For TACO TUESDAY!

By: Apr 03, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
Join us this upcoming Tuesday, April 14th for Taco Tuesday. 

The Problem With Pebble: An Interview With Scot Hed

By: Apr 02, 2015 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
The term "Pebble Mine" has been around for a while now in the sporting community. We sat down with the man leading the charge to make sure Bristol Bay, Alaska remains just that.