Denver South Platte River Fly Fishing Report: The Monday Morning Quarterback

By: Aug 19, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
This past weekend I had the chance to hit the Denver South Platte River again.  It has been a busy summer here at the shop and with the upcoming Carp Slam Tournament only a few weeks away, my carp game needs tuning. Two weeks ago I went zero for three on a solo fly fishing trip to the South Platte.  This time, I headed out with carp guru and fellow shop employee Rick Mikesell and photographer closet-carp-junky Tim Romano.  I’m happy to report that the team put some...

Fly Fishing for Carp Trivia Contest

By: Aug 16, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
With the Carp Slam less than a month a way we’re going to crank up the carp rhetoric in August.  Trouts Fly Fishing has teamed up with Carp Pro Magazine for this carp trivia contest.  The first person who can answer these questions correctly here on the Trouts blog will win brand new Orvis carp trucker hat: Q#1: What is the scientific name for the renowned common carp that is the predominant carp species in the South Platte River that runs through Denver? A#1: ? Q#2: On...

Trouts Spotlight: Delta Trout Force

By: Aug 14, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
At Trouts Fly Fishing we like to help promote local stuff.  By “stuff”, we mean local beers like Oskar Blues, local Colorado shops like Duranglers, Vail Valley Anglers and the Steamboat Flyfisher, Taylor Creek up in the Roaring Fork River Valley, Trout Trickers, Dragonfly Anglers, and Royal Gorge Anglers.  We also like to support local anglers, writers and photographers.  In this case, Trouts would like to highlight Danny Frank who writes the Delta Trout Force Blog...

Trouts Fly Fishing Is Hiring: Full Time Sales Associate

By: Aug 14, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
Trouts Fly Fishing is looking for a Full-Time Sales Associate to join our dynamic team of fly fishing subject matter experts. The Full-Time Sales Associate position at Trouts Fly Fishing requires a passion for the fly fishing lifestyle and an outgoing personality that takes initiative, has integrity and is committed to world class customer service. Full-Time Sales Associate Job Description At Trouts Fly Fishing, we offer customers an accessible environment, knowledgeable staff, and a...

Northern Pike In The Upper Colorado River?

By: Aug 13, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
It looks like this story might have some teethe.  "While popular among lake anglers seeking a big fish sensation, northern pike have no place in the Colorado River. Aside from the environmental stresses the river already endures, the economic impact to the popular sport fishery managed for trout and the threat to endangered species recovery downstream are genuine concerns with the introduction of a major predator to the river system." Read the entire fly fishing report and the danger...

Education and Customer Events-August 2013

By: Aug 09, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
August might be here already but the summer fly fishing fun isn't over yet.  We have an action packed educational curriculum and event calendar on tap this month.  If you have been thinking about fly fishing for the first time, this is a great month to take advantage of our FREE casting clinic or our On-Stream Beginner Fly Fishing Class.  For more advanced anglers, we have put together a class that is focused on fishing our home water – the South Platte River –...

2013 Drake Video Awards

By: Aug 08, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
When the staff at Trouts Fly Fishing attended the IFTD show in Las Vegas we were able to catch the Drake Magazine’s 2013 Video Awards.  There was new stuff… old stuff… and most importantly, videos that you voted on.  Here’s the trailer and the LINK to this year’s winners.

More Good News for the Arkansas River

By: Aug 07, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
(Photo: Scott Willoughby, The Denver Post) Scott Willoughby from the Denver Post has written about another great river conservation/rehabilitation success story here in Colorado.  Here’s a sound bite: “Perhaps the most remarkable thing about stream restoration is its immediacy. Take the pollution out of the river and fish can survive. Add some structure, dig out a few pools, shore up eroding banks, and the fish move into the improved habitat almost instantaneously. It...