Fly Fishing For Carp In the Denver South Platte River - Part III

By: May 27, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
In the first two parts of this three part series we talked about the South Platte River and carp behavior in general.  In our third installment, we’ll look at what fish you should avoid and what fish you should key in on – as well as some basic strategies for presenting a fly to a feeding carp.  Lastly, we’ll talk about some basic fly patterns that should get you ready to hit the Denver South Platte River.

Spring Options - Talk To Big Small-E

By: May 24, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
Are you trying to figure out fly fishing options for this weekend as we approach spring run off in Colorado?  Here are a few ideas and resources to think about.

Trouts APB: Be On the Lookout For This Fly Fishing Gear

By: May 24, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
ALL POINTS BULLETIN: one of our good friends and customer here at the shop just had his car broken into.  The following list of fly fishing gear was stolen.

Win A Free On Stream Beginner Fly Fishing Class!  Tonight!

By: May 23, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
Who wants to win a FREE On-Stream Beginner Fly Fishing Class? Here's how: show up TONIGHT (5/23) for our Casting & Cocktails event in Washington Park, drop your name in the hat, and you will be entered to win a trip this Saturday to a private ranch on the North Fork of the South Platte River.

Running From Runoff - a Spring Fishing Photo Essay

By: May 22, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd

Fly Fishing Report: Deckers May 19th

By: May 22, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
With rivers blowing out with runoff across the state, tailwater fisheries with controlled flows are starting to get crowded.  Nonetheless, the South Platte River through Deckers is still fishing well and the water is clear.

Learn How To Fly Fish This Week With Trouts

By: May 21, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
If you are interested in learning how to fly fish, Trouts has a sure-fire education curriculum this week that will get you enjoying the outdoors and into fish.

Spotlight: Casting For Recovery 2013

By: May 21, 2013 | Author: Tucker Ladd
This past weekend Cody Hoeckelberg, Danny Frank and 12 other volunteers participated in Casting For Recovery.  Danny Frank writes the blog and did an awesome write-up on the event and took some amazing photos.