Surface Film3

Feb 01, 2013

Author: Tucker Ladd

Who: you, the Greenbacks, a ton of great photography, and just about everyone who owns a fly rod in the greater Denver area

When: Thursday February 7, 7:00pm

Where: Anthology Fine Art Gallery (635 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO)

What: the most cutting edge, hair raising, and serene fly fishing photography is on display and for sale (think Vojta, Romano, Landeen, and others from across the country). Framed prints will be available through a silent auction to benefit the Greenback’s work to conserve Colorado’s coldwater fisheries and recruit the next generation of Trout Unlimited Members.

Why: The Greenbacks seek to promote native fish and their habitat through the engagement and recruitment of the next generation of Trout Unlimited members.

Ticket Price: $0 (What?!!)

Beer: Free (wha! what?!?!)

If you haven’t gone to a Surface Film exhibit before… go.  Trout’s Fly Fishing will see you there.


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