What Others are Sayin’ - the New Simms Freestone Wader

Aug 29, 2014

Author: Tucker Ladd

Photo Credit: Louis Cahill

While we would like to think that we are the definative word on all things fly fishing, we know that this just isn't the case we accept that our customers appreciate the thougths of others.  Louis Cahill over at Gink & Gasoline recently posted a great article on the new Simms Freestone Wader set to hit the market mid-November.  You can read the entire piece here, though we will offer what we thought was the most relevent part:

"Simms has, for many years, held the distinction of making the best waders on the planet. Plenty of companies have tried their hand at making lower priced knock offs Simms waders. This year Simms has taken the bold step of knocking off themselves!"

We are certainly equally as excited as Louis about this new product offering, and we'll be proudly carrying them when the new Simms Spring 2015 line hits our shelves in November. 


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