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It's a little known fact, but Colorado has the highest concentration of World Class fly fishing in the Country. With this in mind, we're committed to providing the necessary information to help you plan your next day on the water.

At Trouts Fly Fishing, we understand that up-to-date fishing reports are a vital resource to all anglers.  Whether checking river flows during your lunch break, figuring out where to go fishing over the weekend, or planning a dream summer trout excursion, we want to offer the information that will make your decisions easy, and your time on the water as great as possible. Yet seeing as how our shop is smack dab in the middle of Denver, CO., we service a customer base that travels not only across the state to fish, but also the country and globe.  As such, we offer a different kind of fishing report, one that is designed with our customers in mind.

Simply select your desired River Basin from the map below, and explore the breadth of information available.

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