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Bear Creek Fly Fishing Report

Latest Update: 5/21/15 - Right now the best way to fish Bear Creek is to leave your fly-rod at home and grab a margarita at the Morrison Inn across the street and look at how high the water is, becuase right now it's at 650 cfs and the historic average is 175 cfs for this time of year. So Bear Creek is not a fishing option for quite some time, although when flows come down it is a excellent way to spend an afternoon casting dries.

River Information

Bear Creek is a great spot close to Metro Denver, especially for those that only have a few hours to wet a line.  This is 3wt water or smaller, so leave the big sticks at home.  During the Fall and Winter months, productivity of the fishing will depend highly on the time of day and overall weather conditions.  Fishing will be best from 11am - 4pm, particularly on the warmer and sunny days.  Adverse weather will most likely create difficult conditions and potential high and off color water.  This is a good year round option as Bear Creek will rarely freeze for prolonged periods of time.

Tips and Tricks:

"Lair of the Bear" is the most heavily fished area along Bear Creek.  Explore a bit and you may be pleasantly surprised.


BWO's, Baetis, Midges, Eggs, Worms

Seasonal Conditions

We love Bear Creek due to it's close proximity to our shop in Denver. Within 30 minutes, anytime between Spring and Fall you can fly fish on Bear Creek. In the Winter, it's probably best to look at tailwater options as everything tends to freeze over.

River Access

Access Points:

  • Town of Morrison
  • Lair of the Bear
  • O'Fallon Park
  • Corwina Park
  • Town of Evergreen