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Clear Creek Fly Fishing Report

Latest Update: 5/29/16- Clear Creek can be pretty temperamental as we approach runoff but as with anywhere else, there is still some decent fishing to be had. Spend your time working the banks and foam-lines with brighter colored worms or smaller stonefly nymphs trailed by flashy attractor patterns such as a size 14-18 Psycho Prince or Copper John (blue works really good!). The farther up the river you go, the clearer the water will be. Although the canyon is great fishing, there can be some fantastic fishing that is often overlooked this time of year up above Idaho Springs and beyond.

River Information

Clear Creek is a very popular and easily accessible river within an hour or so of Denver. This small freestone originiates in the mountains above Georgetown and runs hard along the I-70 corridor though Idaho Springs and Golden, on it's way to the South Platte River. Clear Creek has a good population of small to mid-sized Rainbow and Brown Trout and abundant bug life. This is a great option for anglers limited on time or those looking for a smaller stream experience.    


Winter/Spring: Midges/Baetis

Summer: Caddis, Mayflies, Small Streamers, Terrestrials, Stoneflies

Fall: Mayflies, Caddis, some Terrestrials, Small Streamers, 

Seasonal Conditions

Clear Creek, for the most part, is fishable year round. Runoff definitely hits this river hard, making it an extremely popular place for whitewater rafting. If you plan to fish Clear Creek from late Spring through Mid-Summer, plan on seeing countless whitewater rafts throughout the day. Additionally, due to the fact that it parallels I-70, silence will not be a companion of yours throughout the day. The good news is though, the fish are there and getting a handful (or several handfuls) in your net throughout the day is typically a very doable task.  

River Access

Clear Creek offers anglers and abundance of public access. The stretch of river along I-70 is certainly the most popular. Here is a list of a few fish filled and easy to find places: 

Junction of I-70 and Hwy 6. (Park across from the Restaurant.)   Public access is allowed up to Hidden Valley at Exit 243. Additinal parking is also available on south side of I-70 at Exit 243.

Clear Creek Canyon – Junction of Hwy 6 and Hwy 119. Park along Hwy 6 and fish upstream. Approximately 3 miles of public access exist here.  

Bakerville Loveland Trail – Take exit 221 off of I-70.  Public fishing access is availble headed west for 5 miles from Exit 221 to the Loveland Ski Area at  exit 216.

Courtney Riley Cooper Park – Take Exit 241 from I-70 into Idaho Springs.  This park is located across from the Safeway and Visitor Center.  Grills, picnic tables, restrooms and a wheel chari accessible fishing pier are available here.

Clear Creek Ranger District Office – Take  Exit 240 from I-70 in Idaho Springs. Head south on Hwy 103 approximately one block to the U.S. Forest Service Ranger Office. Public parking is available here and you are able fish up or down stream.