Middle Fork South Platte River Fly Fishing Report

Last Update- 8/16/2016- The Middle Fork is in very great shape as of late.It is terrestrial season up in South Park and well presented ant,beetle, cricket, or hopper will work wonders. Targeting shallow riffles and areas adjacent to undercut banks with dry dropper rigs can be a fun way to spend a day covering water. Definitely do not be afraid to bust out a darker colored streamer when the skies darken with an afternoon rain-shower; the larger browns in this stretch can be very aggressive this time of year.

River Information

The Middle Fork of the South Platte is located directly upstream of Spinney Reservoir. This portion of river isn't nearly as famous (or pressured) as its neighbor on the other side of Spinney- the Dream Stream- however can still produce some very nice fish. Additionally, this can be a great place to escape the crowds often found on other stretches of the South Platte.  

Match the Hatch

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Winter/Spring: Midges, Baetis

Summer: Caddis, Mayflies, Terrestrials

Fall: Mayflies, Midges, Caddis

Seasonal Conditions

This stretch of river is fishable year round, however due its location in a high altitude meadow, can get quite brutal during the winter. Various hatches during the warmer months can get the fish eager to please. During the Spring and Fall, and thus the corresponding Rainbow and Brown trout spawn, can be a good time to hook a true giant. 

River Access

Access is easy to come by here. Take Hwy 24 to Hwy 9, just west of Spinney Reservoir. Several public parking lots are located here and the river is a short hike away.