Overall River Rating:


Upper Colorado River Fly Fishing Report

Last Update: 2/4/16- Hot Sulfur Springs Down to Gore Canyon is getting pretty icy from the last report I got, however there should still be some open water to be found. For your point fly I’d either go with an egg pattern or a size 6-10 stonefly and then trail a size 18-20 baetis or midge off the back. The fish won't be looking to exert a bunch of energy fighting current right now so think deep and slow. Pay attention to night time temps just as much as the day time temps when planning a trip here. This river can get quite icy, particularly after a string of nights in the single digits or lower.

River Information

Our great state's namesake river rarely disappoints and offers anglers the chance to catch large Rainbow and Brown trout. The upper section- between Windy Gap Reservoir and Kremmling- sees abundant bug life and has earned a Gold Metal rating due to it's thriving fish population. This freestone river offers ample public access and year round fishing.


Winter/Spring: Baetis, Midges

Summer: Caddis, Stoneflies, Mayflies, Terrestrials, Streamers

Fall: Caddis, Mayflies, Terrestrials, Streamers

Seasonal Conditions

While the Colorado is fishable year round, the summer time, and it's abundant insect hatches are definitely what attracts many anglers to this river. Come late June, PMDs and Caddis certainly do their part in getting the trout interested, but it is the Stoneflies- particularly Salmonflies- that really get both the fish and fisherman excited. It's tough to beat spending a summer day throwing a 3" long dry fly to rising fish. Nymphs and Streamers will consistently put fish in the net here as well throughout the year. 

River Access

This section of River stretches from Windy Gap Reservoir (west of Granby) west to the confluence with Troublesome Creek (east of Kremmling).  This section is Gold Metal water and US Hwy 40 follows the Colorado for this section. You can also fish the headwaters of the Colorado River in Rocky Mountain National Park above Granby.