Same-day shipping on all orders from Trouts Fly Fishing

Fast and reliable service, this is what help's Trouts Fly Fishing stand out from the rest.  We are proud to offer Same-Day Shipping on all orders placed through our website, eBay or Amazon.  We greatly value each and everyone of our customers, and we feel as though we are doing you a diservice by having you wait any longer than necessary to receive your orders.  To enusre fast and reliable shipping, we utilize the services of FedEx and the United States Postal Service (USPS).  Here are a few important notes about our shipping policies, and what to expect once you've placed an order with Trouts Fly Fishing.

Standard Free Shipping:  Yes, we offer FREE SHIPPING on anything over $50.00.  Items that do not qualify for free shipping will be clearly noted in the product description.  On free shipping orders, we will utilize the most cost-efficient shipping method available to us.  This by no means will decrease the time in which you can expect to receive your product, but it will allow us to make this service more cost-effective for us.  That said, please do not rely on free shipping for orders where you need a certain product(s) by a specified date.  Yes, we process all orders within 24 hours of it being placed, but free shipping does not guarentee that you will receive a product in a certain amount of time.  So if your purchse is time-sensitive, please choose the appropriate shipping method that will meet your timing needs.

Paid Shipping:  If you elect to pay for the shipment of your purchase, we guarentee that your oder will be processed that day so long as there isn't an issue regarding the availabiliyt of the product purchased, and as long as the order was placed prior to 4pm MST.  Orders placed after thsi time cannot be guarenteed that they will be shipped that day.  In the event that you purchased an item that we do not have in-stock, we will do everthing within our power to fulfill your order as fast as possible, and at no additional charge to you.

Expedited Shipping:  If you choose to have your purchased shipped via one of our expedited shipping options, please ensure that the order is placed prior to 4pm MST.  Orders that are placed after this time cannot be guarenteed that they will be shipped that day, though we will guarentee that your will be shipped out the following day.

Weekend Shipping:  We promise to process all orders on the day that they were placed, but orders that are placed on the weekend will vary as to when they are processed by the shipping carrier.   Orders shipped via USPS will be processed by the carrier 6 days a week (Monday thru Saturday).  Orders shipped via FedEx will be processed by the carrier 5 days a week (Monday thru Friday).  Additinoally for all FedEx orders, if you need your product delivered on a Saturday, you will need to note this in the "Comments" section of the checkout process so that we can choose the proper shipping method to get your package to you in time.