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Archives from February 2010

MEATALHEAD | a new film from AEG Media

February 5, 2010
Author: Trouts Staff
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Low Snowpack & What it Means for Summer Fishing

February 4, 2010
Author: Trouts Staff

Today, The Denver Post reported that the snowpack in Colorado was at 86% of historical average.  This doesn’t really come as a surprise, for anybody whose been to the high country lately has witnessed a very obvious lack of snow for this time of year.  Although a dry winter like this doesn’t bode well for skiers, many anglers wonder what effect it will have on our summer fishing season?  Most people will draw a doom and gloom reaction to this news, making it seem like we’re in for another summer like 2002.  I would challenge that mindset and encourage everybody to look at our current situation from another stand point.

First, 86% snowpack for this time of year isn’t that bad.  When you look at a historical table of Colorado snowpacks dating back to 1968, you’ll see that there are many other years where the statewide snowpack was much lower in February than 86%.  For example, if you analyze historical February snowpack averages (see below) you’ll see that since 1968 there have been numerous years where the snowpack has been well below our current level.


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