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New Winston Fly Rods for 2011

September 14, 2010
Author: Trouts Staff
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Key’s to Fall Fishing Success

September 8, 2010
Author: Trouts Staff

For anybody well versed at fly fishing in the Rocky Mountain West, there is Fall-on-the-Lower-Bluelittle doubt that Fall is one of the best times of year for fishing.  The mountains are lit in vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red, river flows are low and clear, trout are hungry and aggressive in anticipation of winter, and crowds are typically non existent.  Yet despite the long list of advantages to fishing this time of year, a successful day on the water isn’t always a certainty.  This usually has not to do with poor fishing conditions, but rather simple misunderstandings on the part of the fisherman.  In hopes of providing some wisdom on this issue, as well as maximizing your time on the water, here are a few suggestions for any angler venturing out during the Fall.

The Early Bird Doesn’t Always Catch the Worm:  while being the first angler on the water is a proven advantage during the summer months, this strategy won’t always prove as successful during the fall.  The reason being that as we progress into fall, night time and morning temperatures begin to fall, leading to much colder water temperatures during the early and late times of day.

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