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Archives from July 2011

Gear Review: Amy’s Ant

July 7, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff

This is one of the most effective patterns we have fished with here in Colorado.  Rainbows, browns, cutthroat and brookies all want to eat this fly.

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Gear Review: Cliff Outdoors Days Worth Fly Box

July 6, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff

I personally use my Day's Worth as a midge box, opting to keep all my tiny nymphs on the magnetic pad and my small midge dries on the foam strips. 

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Gear Review: Palsa Pinch On Floats Strike Indicator

July 6, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff

I was first introduced to the Palsa Pinch On Floats strike indicators while fishing the Yampa River tailwaters below Stagecoach State Park.  This was probably 10 or more years ago, a time when the yarn poly-vee was as good as it least, so I thought!  While sight fishing a decent run, holding a few wily rainbows, I noticed that whenever my massive "ball of yarn" came over them that they would move to the side.  Once my rig had drifted through, yep you guessed it, they would move right back.  Absurd I thought, fish can't be that smart.  That was one of my first introductions to highly educated trout that were sensitive to both indicators and split shot.  Upon my realization, I voiced my frustration to my buddy just upstream.  He had the solution, Palsa Pinch On Strike Indicators...his were white.  Since that day, even with the advent of the varying sizes/colors of the Thingamambobber, I've carried Palsa Pinch On Indicators in my bag.

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Spring 2011 Runoff Update | July 7, 2011

July 5, 2011
Author: Tucker Ladd

Well I will be completely honest that when I stated this post series back in early May, I never thought that I would be reporting on runoff conditions into July.  The flows that exist in our Northern and Central Mountain rivers and streams are a testament to the extraordinary snow pack that we had this winter, and the gradual melt that we are experiencing is a perfect storm of conditions (lots of high country snow, cool spring weather, and mild summer daytime temperatures).  While this prolonged runoff has been a burden for us anglers, I want to reassure everybody of a couple of facts/realities that should make everyone feel a little more positive about our current situation.  First and foremost, runoff will eventually end.  Although it may feel like we are in for a never ending season of murky and high water, our mountain snowpack is dwindling every day and we are getting closer to a time when we will finally start to see river levels dropping.  The second is that these high flushing flows are only making our rivers and our fish healthier, and the long term positive effects of this runoff season will be visible for years to come.  High flows flush rivers of unwanted sediment, and the lack of pressure that the fish are feeling right now will undoubtedly make them more active once things get back to normal.

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Act Naturally When Learning the Cast

July 1, 2011
Author: Admin
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