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Archives from September 2013

Fall Switch and Spey Casting Clinic: October 19th

September 30, 2013
Author: Will Rice

Think spey and switch rods are designed only for the Pacific North West, BC, and Alaska?  Think again.  Check out our Switch Rod and Spey Casting Clinic that is being held on the renowned YR Ranch on the lower Blue River below Green Mountain Reservoir.

On-Stream Switch Rod Fly Fishing School

  • $275
  • 6 Student Limit (spots are already starting to fill!)

The Season of the EGG is Upon Us Yet Again

September 28, 2013
Author: Tucker Ladd

With the Fall Spawn in full swing, it's time to replenish your egg inventory before heading out for a day on the water.  In recent years the "peg egg" has become a big hit in the Rocky Mountain West, with many anglers finding this method of fishing eggs to be far more productive then their "furry" counterparts, in addition to being more friendly on the fish.  Few people know more about the benefits of fishing this method than are friends up North at Alaska West.  Just so happens that the great people at Deneki Outdoors put together a great blog post detailing the in's and out's of fishing beads for trout, and like wise we felt it was great timing to share with all of our loyal customers.  

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Ringing in the Dirty Thirty, Louisiana Style

September 27, 2013
Author: Tucker Ladd

The Birthday Girl

Let's face it, turning 30 isn't exactly a milestone we are all looking forward to hitting.  But I've always been a firm believer that it's all is how you want to view it, so are you a "glass is half full" or "glass is half empty" kind of person?  Luckily I've already been down said path, and thanks to my wife my 30th birthday will be one to remember (and not remember thanks to plentiful brown water libations).  So it's fair to say that the bar was set pretty high, and I knew I had my work cut out for me to produce a birthday bash that would make my wife's first days in her dirty flirty 30's something to remember.  To my luck she had three "musts"; 1) good food 2) good booze 3) good fishing.

Louisiana anybody?

I'll let the photos speak for themselves.  Good times were had, good food and booze was consumed, and plenty of quality fish were caught.


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Fly Fishing Report: Gaspe Peninsula

September 26, 2013
Author: Will Rice

Photo Courtesy

Greg Thomas just dropped this epic fly fishing report from Canada’s Gaspe Peninsula on Angler's Tonic.  If you ever had an interest in visiting the Bonaventure and Grand Cascapedia rivers for a crack at tight-lipped Atlantic salmon, this trip report should get you salivating.

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Trouts Spotlight: Suunto Sports Watch Collection

September 25, 2013
Author: Will Rice

Q: What time it?

A: It is time to go fly fishing.

At Trouts Fly Fishing we’re constantly trying to introduce our customers and clients to new and innovative equipment.  Most of the time, this means fly fishing gear.  Once in while, we come across complimentary hardware that helps to support the lifestyle of fly fishing. In this case, we’d like to introduce our customers to Sunnto Watches.  If your fly fishing adventures take you way off the beaten path or even off the grid, you should take a look at these lightweight multi-purpose watch sized computers.

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