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Gear Review: Sage Z-Axis 990-4 Fly Rod

February 8, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff

The first time I used this rod was during a weeklong trip to the Amazon Rain Forest in Northern Brazil. We were targeting Peacock Bass, which are a very demanding species due to the distance and number of casts that are made daily (roughly 1000-1500). Day after day, this rod performed beautifully no matter if I was casting a large surface popper, or 400-grain sink tip line.

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Top 5 Winter Fisheries for 2011

January 26, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff

It always amazes me how little recognition Colorado gets for it’s Winter fly fishing possibilities.  When you mention the phrase “winter fishing” to most people, and image of sitting in a shanty on a frozen lakes is most peoples initial thought.  The reality is that there are so many world class trout fisheries right out our back door, most of which fish phenomenally during the winter months.  So in hope of encouraging some of you to get out, and at least providing some useful information to the rest of you, I am pleased to offer the TOP 5 WINTER TAILWATERS for 2011, enjoy!

1.  Cheesman Canyon – South Platte River


River Basin: South Platte River

Ideal Flow: anything over 100 cfs is great

Suggested Flies: eggs, worms, scuds, Barrs BWO Emerger, Miracle Nymph, Rojo Midges

Pros Tricks & Tips: It’s simple, MOVE.  Don’t get stuck sitting in one hole all day.  Move until you find feeding fish, catch a few, & move until you find more feeding fish.  Those who are willing to move will be the ones catching fish.

Detailed River Information:  The famed waters of the Cheesman Canyon section of the South Platte River has always acted as a proving ground for Colorado anglers.  If you can catch a fish in Cheesman Canyon, you can catch a fish anywhere!  And while Cheesman will test the skills and wits of any angler during the summer months, Winter time can prove to be an equal challenge on most days.  But when the fish are hungry, the bugs are out, and the flows are ideal, the fishing can be absolutely phenomenal.  In the end, through years and years of fishing this famed Colorado Tailwater, I have come to one simple conclusion about Cheesman Canyon; you have to put your time in, plain and simple.  If you’re only willing to visit this fishery once and a while, you’ll probably always have a poor perception of it.  But if you put in the time, and accept that some days will be better then others, you’ll be lucky enough to experience Cheesman on one of those days when everything just seems to go your way.

2.  Frying Pan River

Frying Pan

River BasinColorado River

Ideal Flowanything over 50 cfs

Suggested Fliesmysis shrimp, BWO emergers, frying pan emerger, biot emerger

Pros Tricks & Tips6X and 7X fluorocarbon is a must!  Although you may break off a few more fish, the amount of added hookups you’ll get by downsizing your tippet makes this move well worth it.

Detailed River InformationThe Frying Pan is the epitome of Colorado Tailwaters, and winter can be one of the best times to visit.  The unmanageable crowds of summer are gone, there is an amazing amount of bug life in and around the water, and you can almost always count on fish feeding on the surface.  While catching fish still requires small leaders and tippet, well presented flies, as well as a stealth approach, most anglers will find more success during the winter months then one may think.  Be prepared for cold conditions, as the Frying Pan in the winter is an arctic environment that sees little sunlight on most days.  But for those willing to brave cold finger and iced eyelets, a world-class winter fishery will await you.

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Trip Report | Yampa River, 1-15-11

January 19, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff


Me and an old friend ventured to fish the Yampa River below Stagecoach Reservoir last weekend.  Don’t normally venture to this particular tailwater due to the crowds in the Summer months, but the Winter can be an ideal time to be there.  All in all a great day with plenty of fish to hand.  We fished dry flies exclusively until around 1pm, then switched it up to nymphs with amazing success.  Here are some of the better photos from the day, enjoy!

It was an overcast day, but it was dead calm out... perfect dry fly weather

First fish to hand for the day. A size 22 Parachute Adams did the trick

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Tips for Winter Fishing

January 17, 2011
Author: Admin
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Saying Goodbye to an Old Pair of Fishing Companions

January 14, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff


Today I had to make a very difficult decision.  With a weekend of fishing on the horizon, could my pair of Simms Guide Boots make it through another session of cold weather and long miles.  For three years these boots have been my faithful companions on many memorable, and not so memorable fishing excursions.  They saw me down the my first decent of the treacherous North Gate Canyon, they witnessed my very first sea-run Steelhead to hand, they were on my feet when I proposed to my amazing girlfriend, and countless other memories I need not bore you with.  But like any good piece of fishing gear, there does come a time when you have to just say goodbye.  So to my faithful Simms Guide Boots, I say thank you for three wonderful years, hundreds of days on the water, a enough memories to last a lifetime!  

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