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Bimini Twist

August 12, 2009
Author: Trouts Staff

This is definetally one of the more intimidating knots I learned to tie, mostly because everybody seems to make it out to be this impossible thing to do.  The reality is the Bimini Twist is a very easy knot to tie, and has many applications.

Step 1: begin by making a loop and twisting it 15-20 times.  Be sure to make the loop big enough to get a reel or spool of line through






Step 2: place the loop around a boat cleat, rod butt, etc.  I like to place the loop around my knee to ensure it will stay large enough.










Step 3: while keeping tension on the running end (going towards the reel), wrap the tag end around the twists in the line.  Be sure to wrap tightly as this is where this knot gets it’s strength.











Step 4: once the twists have been completely wrapped over, tie a half hitch on the right side of the loop.  This will ensure that the wraps don’t unravel.












Step 5: complete the knot with a four turn locking hitch around both strands of the loop.  Moisten the line with saliva and pull the tag end slowly. Use you thumb and forefinger to draw back the turns as you tighten them. Trim the tag end but leave enough line so the knot doesn’t unravel, which may (unlikely if tied correctly) happen if it is constantly moving in and out of rod guides. The unraveling can be prevented by applying super glue to the knot.

















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