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Black Canyon Salmon Fly Update

June 23, 2009
Author: Trouts Staff

The bugs are are in the canyon and the fish are on the feed!  Michael Ledger, one of our Trout’s Shop Sponsored Anglers, was on the Gunny last Friday thrusalmon-fly-gunny Sunday and reported the fishing as boarderline EPIC.  Here is his report in detail:

“The salmon fly fishing was great and bordered on epic during the hot, cloudless days above Boulder Garden. We saw adults all the way up to Chukar trail. We strongly believe that we floated through what could have been the epic areas for the hatch during Saturday which was a cloudy, cool, windy day. Get there soon to really have a good shot at some of those big rainbows holding tight against the banks and against the canyon walls. Take your time and work the water over hard. You might not see a fish rising but if the water looks fishy, stop and take your time with it. Remember- “god save the queen” before you set the hook. You’ll miss fish but its well worth it.”

Don’t wait though, as the salmon fly action won’t last long.  The hot and dry weather forcasted for this week, coupled with consistent lower flows will have the bugs on the move.  The upper canyon should be fishing fantastically by this week-end, so change your plans and head to the gunny.

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