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Bimini Twist

August 12, 2009
Author: Trouts Staff

This is definetally one of the more intimidating knots I learned to tie, mostly because everybody seems to make it out to be this impossible thing to do.  The reality is the Bimini Twist is a very easy knot to tie, and has many applications.

Step 1: begin by making a loop and twisting it 15-20 times.  Be sure to make the loop big enough to get a reel or spool of line through







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McKee’s Rubber Legs

August 6, 2009
Author: Trouts Staff
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Trip Report | Homestake Reservoir

August 6, 2009
Author: Trouts Staff

Located on the South East side of the Holy Cross Wilderness lies Homestake Reservoir.homestake-res Built by the cities of Aurora and Colorado Springs in the 1960’s, Homestake Reservoir collects water from the Homestake Creek drainage, and transports it over to Turquoise Lake on the East side of the Continental Divide.  From there it is transported to Twin Lakes Reservoir where it’s released into the Arkansas River, bringing much needed drinking water to the front range.  At over 200 ft. deep, 1 mile long and about 1/4 mile wide, Homestake Reservoir is a large body of water that offers some great fly fishing opportunities.  Yet because of its location in steep mountain valley, the reservoir is almost impossible to access by foot, and most of the good angling opportunities are limited to those with a boat (canoe, row boat, belly boat, pontoon boat, etc.).


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4th Annual Drake Fly Fishing Video Awards

August 3, 2009
Author: Trouts Staff
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The Blood Knot

July 29, 2009
Author: Trouts Staff

The blood knot is most commonly used for joining monofilament of similar diameters together.  Most people will use this knot instead of the classic double surgeons, as it tends to finish a bit cleaner.  When you first tie this knot you will a bit challenged and uncoordinated, but like any other knot, with practice you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

Step 1


Lay the lines on top of one and other facing in opposite directions.   Cross one end over the other, and wrap this line three or four times around the other.  Then place the end of this line in the crotch or the V formed by the two lines.

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