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Our attempt at literary pieces to help our fellow anglers.

Montana Road Trip’in

November 12, 2013
Author: Tucker Ladd

With our Consumer Show season right around the corner, we needed to address some critical issues concerning our show booth; i.e. replacing the main wooden structure that has become a serious liability hazard over the past few years.  A quick call up the Jim Adams of Adams and Sons Fixture Company in Bozeman, MT (the original owner/builder of our show booth) quickly turned into an offer we couldn't refuse.  We transport our old booth up to Bozeman, and Jim would happily trade us for his newer, lighter, safer and better looking structure.  Can anyone say ROAD TRIP.

We drew straws in the shop to see who would get to go, and wouldn't you know the Boss and Cody was chosen to stay back and watch over the shop, while Rick and Will got to go explore the great North, with a few "pit stops" along the way.  Here's a photo breakdown of Days 1 & 2, Day 3 (today) will be spent swinging steamers on the famed Big Horn River out of Fort Smith, MT.  I'll let the lucky duo divulge the fruits of their labors upon their return.

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Fall Fly Fishing Report and Photo Essay

October 18, 2013
Author: Will Rice

Fly fishing in October is all about change.  The colors, the temperature, and the fishing conditions - are all changing. 

We spent a few days exploring new water on the Upper Colorado River, hit some old stand-by favorites on the Roaring Fork and the Frying Pan River, and poked around the Eagle River as well.  We found sporadic bouts of clear weather, rain, sleet, snow and hail.

Fall Fishbeer

October 17, 2013
Author: Will Rice

It is now time for your quarterly dose of… you guessed it… Fishbeer.  The always entertaining, sometimes vexing, and never disappointing Matt Dunn bestows upon us another rich and hypnotic yarn and some really cool photos.  Get ready to get your Zara Spook on and enjoy!

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Brickhead Part II

October 3, 2013
Author: Will Rice

QUINTANA ROO, Mexico - The year: 1982.  The month: March.  The day: Thursday, the 25th.

Over a year had passed and he still had not caught a permit.  What had started out a mild curiosity had blossomed into a distant fascination.  Permit were a magnetic enigma - their behavior vexing and alluring all at the same time.  From there, things morphed into what Isaha, his closest associate and now fishing partner, called an unhealthy obsession. 

“It es just a permit, jefe.  Your life will not change either way if you catch one or not,” said Isaha in the early morning as he poled a breezy flat under cloudy skies and poor light. Over the time they had worked and fished together, Isaha’s english had improved greatly.  He said the words with compassion, like a friend. 

He ignored Isaha and stared looking for nervous water - or maybe a sickled onyx tail.

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Spring/Summer fishbeer

May 31, 2013
Author: Will Rice

It has been awhile since we have read a blog post from our good pal Matt Dunn.  Hold your breath no more… for behold, a new fishbeer has arrived at our e-doorstep.  If you like Matt Dunn’s work he will be a contributor in the new Pulp Fly Volume II which is due out in late June.  The Pulp Fly buzz is building...

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