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2013 Snowpack Update

March 27, 2013
Author: Trouts Staff

Denver Water has just announced that Stage 2 Watering Restrictions are going to go into effect April 1, 2013.  Essentially, this will limit the number of days per week households are allowed to water their lawns.  While this announcement may sound alarming to many residents and anglers alike, we at Trout’s would like to “clear the air” so to speak and elaborate on exactly what this ultimately means for our 2013 spring/summer fishing season.

You don’t have to live in Colorado (or the West that matter) very long to realize that the amount of snow we get each winter directly correlates to how much water will be running through our rivers come summer.  In the past 5 years Colorado has seen dramatic swings in our winter snowpack; a record setting 2011 where we experienced levels upwards of 200% of average, to a dismal 2012 where we witnessed record low snowpack across the state.  Looking forward now to Summer, we are actually in much better position than many media and water managers would like you to believe.  As of March 27, our statewide snowpack sits at 79% of average, with many river basins in the 80%+ range.  Considering that this time last year we were looking at numbers in the 50%-60% range, I’d have to say that our current snowpack seems pretty good.

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Waiting for Steelhead: Trout’s BC Trip brings MG some clarity

March 26, 2013
Author: Admin

I had often wondered about the allure of steelhead fishing, but never could quite get a handle around the idea of standing in the cold and wet, casting a fly with an outsized rod, and waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.

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Gear Review: Trout’s Signature Fly Boxes

March 25, 2013
Author: Will Rice

These fly boxes are awesome.  They have been hot sellers in the shop but I have never been able to test them out in the field.  When I say “test them out in the field” I actually mean stick them in my pocket and walk a saltwater flat. 

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And The Pack Vs. Vest Debate Winner Is…

March 22, 2013
Author: Will Rice

Legendary Frank “I’m-still-runnin’-down-the-man” Smethurst stopped by Trouts today to give us a sneak preview of a few new Scott Fly Rod prototypes.  We asked Frank to be our guest official for our Pack Vs. Vest drawing.  Drum roll please.  And the winner is…

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Helpful Reminder: Your Colorado Fly Fishing License Expires 03/31/2013

March 22, 2013
Author: Will Rice

Yes… we mean you… and your Colorado fishing license.  This weekend is a great time to get renewed for the 2013 fly fishing season. 

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