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Fly-fishing reports will highlight trips in Colorado, the United States and International destinations and include freshwater and salter species including brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout, bonefish, steelhead, dorado, bass, pike, carp, redfish, tarpon and permit.

Fish On! Urban Carp Extravaganza TR

July 23, 2012
Author: Will Rice

The exchange:

Michael Gracie (MG): “You see the fish?”


Greg Moran (GM): “Yup.”


MG: “Can you make that cast between the two trees?”


GM: “Yup.”


High Country Trout

July 10, 2012
Author: Tucker Ladd

I have always been a firm believer that some of the best trout fishing in the Lower 48 can’t be accessed by plane, boat or car.  These are places that are off the map, and only available location-xto those who are willing to work for it.  Backpacking has always been a popular past time in America, but it has never really taken hold in the angling community.  But those hearty soles that are willing to lug a 50lb backpack into one  or our nations many Wilderness Areas, will undoubtedly be greeted with solitude, beautiful surroundings, and lots of hungry trout.

The hard part is that these places aren’t marked on any map.  They are lakes and streams that must be fished and experienced to know if they are any good.  That’s the intriguing part of backpack fly fishing, you never know what you may find.  I have been on plenty of trips that were a complete bust.  The creek was to low, the lake was to shallow, the fish too small.  But for every lake I find that is junk, there is another I find that is a complete jewel.  These are the places that keep  you coming back for more, and pushing yourself that extra mile to get just a little farther away.  But don’t think that these places are in any way a secret.  Although I will not tell you where my honey hole is, I will tell you how to find your own.

Cool & Clear

June 27, 2012
Author: Trouts Staff


Near the top of the Gore Range, there is a little creek that runs cool and clear. Shin deep in the water, thoughts of hot and cold cease to register. 


June 13, 2012
Author: Will Rice

Yet another reason why it makes sense to crimp your barb, brought to you by Trout's Fly Fishing:

When you find yourself at 9,530 ft, after a four mile hike, with a size 10 hook squarely penetrating your index finger, whether or not you crimped your barb suddenly becomes a really important question. 

Colorado has Great Options for Summer Fly Fishing

May 29, 2012
Author: Tucker Ladd

There’s no denying it now, Colorado is in for a tough summer of low water. It’s hard to imagine that a year ago we were looking at a reversal of this dilemma, with a massive snow pack and swollen rivers. Yet it is time we all come to terms with the current situation and the reality that Colorado's rivers are going to be lean in comparison to last year. But while the press and others want to make this out to be a doom and gloom situation for fisherman, I wanted to offer an alternative explanation with a more optimistic outlook.


A diminished snow pack has left us with a minimal runoff, and while this may not be ideal for the whitewater community, it is great for anglers and fish alike. Sure, runoff is a needed and healthy cleansing cycle for our rivers, but after last years historic runoff season I think we’ll all enjoy and appreciate a summer without dangerously high rivers and un-fishable conditions.

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