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Fly-fishing reports will highlight trips in Colorado, the United States and International destinations and include freshwater and salter species including brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout, bonefish, steelhead, dorado, bass, pike, carp, redfish, tarpon and permit.

South Platte River Report: Late Winter Fly Fishing

February 25, 2014
Author: Will Rice

We’re starting to see signs of spring fly conditions here in Colorado – albeit sporadically.  One day, we’ll be in shirt sleeves with the sun shining and the next in down jackets with snow flying. It is after all Colorado and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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February Fly Fishing Report: Playing Hooky

February 21, 2014
Author: Will Rice

hook·y - [hook-ee]  - noun - Unjustifiable absence from school, work, etc. (usually used in the phrase play hooky): "On the first warm spring day, the boys played hooky from school to go fishing." –

It is tough to call it hooky when the boss joins you on the river for a day of fly fishing on a Tuesday in February.  But still… it felt a lot like hooky.

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The Trouts Contingent: Getting After It

February 10, 2014
Author: Will Rice

It is great to see and hear from our customers after their fly fishing trips.  One of our big goals at Trouts Fly Fishing is to share what we know and our expertise so our clients can maximize their time on the water.  Here’s is the latest customer fly fishing report, photo and shout-out we received:

“Thank you guys for all the help! Anyone out there that wants to catch big fish...come to Trouts!!!!! They will hook you up with knowledge!!!”– Bryan H, location: we didn’t ask

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YR Ranch Update – Only 21 Days Available

January 31, 2014
Author: Will Rice

Don't let your your best spring fly fishing opportunity slip away! The YR Ranch is an extremely unique property in the spring months.  We wanted to update our readers briefly on availability since our last spotlight: in March and April Trouts Fly Fishing and Guide Service only has 21 days that are still available.

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Fly Fishing Report: Winter South Platte Carp

January 24, 2014
Author: Will Rice

There is something to be said about starting out a new fishing season.  Out with the old – in with the new.  In my case, 2013 was a pretty terrible year for fly fishing for carp in the South Platte River.  My biggest problem: I didn’t get out enough.  A secondary issue, we had a lot of big and off color water last year that made sight fishing difficult.  Thirdly - and this is just a working theory at this point - the fish in the Denver South Platte have become really spooky and skittish over the last few years. Fast-forward to late January 2014 – the start of a brand new carp season. 

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