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Trip Report - Fishing Cheesman Canyon at High Water

July 3, 2014
Author: Tucker Ladd

Being creatures of habit, it's understandable that anglers sometimes have a hard time adjusting to change.  We get used to seeing and fishing rivers during certain conditions, and when these conditions change it can be difficult to adjust how you're fishing to remain productive.  This scenario has proven particularly true this year with the abundance of water flowing through our States rivers and steams, all thanks to a record snowpack from the winter season.  This in turn has led to a lot of misinformed anglers speculating that fishing is slower than usual due to the higher flows.

The reality is that nothing could be further from the truth.  While it is true that during peak runoff fishing was stalled due to high and off color water, conditions have only been improving and the fishing has been lights out good on most of our states famed trout waters.  One section of water that has seen unseasonably high flows is Cheesman Canyon.  With flows ranging from 400 cfs to 1000 cfs, it is easy to understand why some folks have been put off by the higher water and have been seeking angling opportunities elsewhere.

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On-Stream Beginner Fly Fishing School - July 12th

July 1, 2014
Author: Kevin Cooke

Interested in fly fishing? Join Trouts Fly Fishing on Saturday, July 12th for our On-Stream Beginner Fly Fishing School. This one-day fly fishing school will cover casting, reading water, basic entomology and fly selection. Space is limited so grab a spot today!

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Late June - Fishing Report for Cheesman Canyon

June 30, 2014
Author: Kevin Cooke

The South Platte River below the Cheesman Reservoir is still a little high but extremely productive at the end of June. Cody and I took a trip up to Cheesman Canyon yesterday and fished for most of the afternoon.

Quick Stats:

Water Flow: 516cfs

Clarity: Clear

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Trip Report - Colorado River with Vail Valley Anglers

June 27, 2014
Author: Kevin Cooke

Quick Stats:

  • River: Colorado River (Pumphouse Recreation Area to Rancho Del Rio)

  • Flows: 2,800 cfs - Colorado River at Kremmling

  • Clarity: Chalky Brown, 6-12” of visibility near the banks

  • Insects Observed: Pale Morning Dun, Stone Flies

  • Guides: Rob Waters, Bryant Compton with Vail Valley Anglers

Fishing Report: The Eagle River

June 26, 2014
Author: Tucker Ladd

The above photo and following text correpsondence was received this afternoon from an unnamed anger:

"Uhhhh the Eagle is RiDICULOUS!!  We boated at least 30 all on dbl dry rigs.  I guess last night was the first they keyed into the caddis hatch."

Full translation not provided, but we think you can get the general idea. 

Give the shop a call for more up to date river reports from across the state.  With runoff in it's final days, fishing is starting to explode across the state, so get out and enjoy some amazing summer fishing!

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