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Rod Review - Sage ACCEL Fly Rod

August 9, 2014
Author: Tucker Ladd

Over the course of the last decade, fly rod manufacturers have seemed to be solely dedicated to designing fast action fly rods.  Sure these rods are have been light, powerful and amazingly accurate, but not every fishing situation dictates that one needs this action of fly rod.  Think about it, when was the last time you had to cast 70 feet, into a 30 mph headwind, to catch a trout?   So when Sage announced the debut of the ACCEL fly rod series in July, I was curiously optimistic about what this fly rod was going to entail. 

It is important to understand how the ACCELL was developed.  The ACCEL is made using Sage’s patented Generation 5 Technology, which was the foundation of their ever-popular Z-Axis and ZXL series.  So what’s so special about using old technology to make a new fly rod you may ask?  Simply put, Sage implemented lessons learned through the creation of their new Konetic Technology (used to make the ONE, Circa, Method and Salt series) to enhance the utilization of their Generation 5 Technology in making the ACCEL.  To my knowledge no other fly rod maker utilizes previously used rod manufacturing techniques on new rods, which is a testament to Sage’s overall rod development strategy.

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Product Spotlight- Simms Dry Creek Series

August 4, 2014
Author: Kyle Wilkinson

Many of you may have seen we recently featured and reviewed the newly redesigned Simms G4 Pro Jacket that just arrived in our shop.  Additonally, I feel comfortable saying there's not an angler in existence that doesn't already know about the quality, craftsmanship and dependability that comes with owning a pair of Simms waders. However, there is still one more topic of discussion that is equally as important as staying dry and comfortable on the water-- the bags, packs, and luggage systems that we depend on to protect our gear from the elements....or perhaps just a disgruntled airline baggage handler.  Whether you're headed to a brook trout stream just up a local dirt road, or half way around the world chasing the fish of your dreams, no trip will be a success if your gear doesn't arrive at the water ready to perform. Thankfully, our good friends at Simms Fishing Products continue to provide us a solution for this important part of the angling equation- the Dry Creek Series. This 5 piece system is designed to take any and all of the aqueous abuse that mother nature can dish out, all with a smile on it's (or perhaps the angler's) face. Click below to view the entire collection. 


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Big Sky Rod Box - how are they made

July 27, 2014
Author: Tucker Ladd

Part of being an industry leading fly shop means finding unique products for our customers both near and far.  We work tirelessly finding goods that will enhance your angling experience, or maybe just make your time on the water a little bit better.  For years anglers have been asking for a safe and effective way to transport their rods on their vehicles.  While a few options did come to market, none met our standards of quality, durability and value.  In late 2013 I stumbled upon a product I knew was going to be a big hit, one that was going to fulfill the needs of our customers once and for all, the Big Sky Rod Box.  Made from 18 guage high grade aluminum, every Big Sky Rod Box is proudly made in Bozeman, MT and is the most durable and functional fly rod carrier on the market today.  Trouts Fly Fishing is the exclusive Colorado Dealer of Big Sky Rod Boxes, you can check them out online, or come by our Denver location to see why these are a must have piece of gear for any traveling fly angler. 

Product Spotlight - the Simms G4 Pro Jacket

July 26, 2014
Author: Tucker Ladd

Everyone knows that Simms Fishing Products is the industry leader when it comes to waders, but they are often overlooked when it comes to another staple in angling gear, outerwear.  With their new 2014 Fall line now in-stock, we wanted to highlite a new product that is certain to turn some heads and hopefully enhance your experience on the water.  The all new Simms G4 Pro Jacket is a fresh introduction into a staple category of wading gear.  Made from Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric, this jactet is 15% lighter than previous models, and with enhanced duribility and design, it is the most functional fishing jacket on the market today.  But don't think that this is just another product conceived and quickly introduced to market, as the new G4 Pro Jacket is the culmination of years of design, testing, and knowledge gained through producing the most techologically advanced and feature rich wading gear on the market.  Click here to learn more about the making of this great new product.







Trouts Does Tenkara

July 3, 2014
Author: Will Rice

At Trouts Fly Fishing we are always ready to try new things and to introduce our customers to innovative fishing techniques and equipment.  For some time now, Tenkara fishing has been a captivating style of fly fishing.  There is no doubt that the simplicity of Tenkara has a place here in Western fisheries.

In effort to explore this style of fishing and introduce our clients, Trouts is pleased to announce that we are now a Tenkara USA dealer.  We now have a wide variety of rods and fly lines here in the shop and available at our online store.

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