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About the new Scott Radian, and betting on whether Gracie will get kicked off the pro staff

June 11, 2013
Author: Tucker Ladd

Scott Fly Rod sent our guy Michael Gracie a prototype rod to test and provide feedback on.  He did as they asked, except when it came to keeping mum on his findings.  Roughly a month before the rod hits shop floors, he’s gone and blogged about it.  Read the brief review of the new Scott Radian 905/4 here.  We are now taking wagers on how Scott will react to the premature disclosure – sending black helicopters to surveil Michael’s home presently tops the list at 3:1 odds.  Meanwhile, we should have our first shipment of the Radians in the shop in just a few weeks time – call or come by to reserve your Radian, check on availability, or just place your bet.

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Gear Review: Sage ONE Switch Rod

May 7, 2013
Author: Trouts Staff

Gear reviewer Reid Baker throws a two handed cast (Photo Mark Shamburg-Donohue)

Our Guide Manager Reid Baker just led our Switch Rod and Spey casting lesson last week and was able to field test and write a gear review about two Sage ONE switch Rods. Reid has extensive experience fishing in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.  He and our students cast the Sage ONE 5116-4 and 6116-4 and these rods produced results. If you are interested in an in depth review of this rod and why it is a great stick for the Rocky Mountain West this is a great gear review – here’s a taste.

"Stepping into the river and peeling off a moderate amount of line beyond the shooting head. My first snap-t cleared the running line with ease, causing the reel to growl as it hit the end of its slack. “Wow,” I thought while stripping in my line and readying for my next cast."

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Gear Review: Simms AlumiBite Star Cleat

April 18, 2013
Author: Trouts Staff

So while the snow, sleet, rain, hail, etc. etc. continues to fall here in Colorado and your thoughts meander toward gear and fly fishing this weekend, check out this review about AlumiBite Star Cleats by Michael Gracie

If you have been thinking about alternatives to felt bottomed boots, this gear review should answer your questions. 

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Product Spotlight: The Smethurst Stone Bomb

April 11, 2013
Author: Will Rice

Here is what Adam Trina, Owner of the Montana Fly Company has to say about the Bomb Squad patterns:

“Most nymph patterns on the market were either no-bead patterns or single-bead patterns, and most of the single-bead patterns were brass, not Tungsten,” said Trina.  “The majority of Frank’s Bomb patterns have 2 Tungsten beads, and are designed to ride hook up, allowing the angler to use them as their lead fly, right on the bottom, minimizing the need for split shot.“

Adam pointed out three things that really stood out and that caught his attention when he initially evaluated the pattern:

1) There are two tungsten beads on most patterns, with one bead being smaller than the other to give a taper to the thorax. 

2) They are designed with the weight positioned on the hook in a way that makes the hook ride up, minimizing snagging on debris.

3) The patterns use Sexy Floss exclusively because of the vibrant sheen, increased flexibility, and better UV resistance over regular rubber.

Gear Review: Ross RX

March 29, 2013
Author: Will Rice

Come take a boat ride with the Ross RX fly rod. First, we fished just off the coast of Nantucket for hard charging albies and then visited Guanaja, Honduras and stalked ultra spooky bonefish.  Two very different situations and fishing conditions – same 8 wt fly rod.

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