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Casting & Cocktails, Thursday September 20 in Washington Park

September 14, 2012
Author: Trouts Staff
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Trout’s Spotlight: Alex Landeen

September 11, 2012
Author: Will Rice

(Trout's Fly Fishing's very own Rick Mikesell with a LA red - photo by Alex Landeen)

Phenom - [fee-nom, fi-nom]  noun; Slang - a phenomenon, especially a young prodigy.  Trout's Fly Fishing has been a big fan of Alex Landeen's work for a few years now. 

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September Customer Events

September 6, 2012
Author: Will Rice

This is a must read party people.

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Gear Head: Tucker Ladd

September 4, 2012
Author: Will Rice

Gear Head Quote of the Week: "When I got into this business I told myself that my work would by no means affect my fishing.  That lasted for about a week."

- Tucker Ladd


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Redington Review

August 31, 2012
Author: Will Rice

Here is the scoop on the Redington/Rio Summer Vacation package.


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