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How To Build A Rocky Mountain Nymph Rig

May 5, 2014
Author: Will Rice

We spend a lot of time talking to customers and clients about fly fishing equipment, gear, local entomology and on the water tactics.  Another important component we discuss is rigging.  Here in Colorado, we are lucky to have the opportunity to fish for trout and other species in a number of different styles.  When the hatch is on and fish are rising, we love to throw dry flies on the surface. When fish do not seem as interested in the upper echelon of the water column, sometimes it is a good idea to probe deeper.  One rigging option to think about is the double nymph rig.

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Spring Fly Fishing: The Warm Water Report

May 2, 2014
Author: Rick Mikesell

With temperatures in the 70's & 80's over the past few weeks, Colorado’s Warm Water fisheries are coming alive. As water temps warm, Bass, Pike & Carp, are moving into the shallows to feed on the newfound abundance of spring, creating unique sight fishing opportunities for the fly fisher. As spring further asserts herself, these fisheries will only continue to improve, and conveniently provided some excellent alternatives to the increasingly turbid, runoff trout waters. This Late April we have had some excellent fishing across the front range, from the south eastern extreme of the state, to the very immediate metro area, a we only expect it to get better......

The Things They Carried: Whipray Caye Belize

May 1, 2014
Author: Will Rice

When Tucker gave us our 2014 Destination Travel marching orders I immediately thought about one thing: permit.  As anyone who has been in the shop or has read our blog over the last year knows, I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to land a permit for quite some time.  Permit fishing is a high stakes game – big risk with a big reward and a lot of variables to think about. With my mind made up about the target species, the next question became where and when and with who.  The first phone call I made was to Jim Klug at Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures.

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Cleaning Up The Denver South Platte River

April 30, 2014
Author: Will Rice

This past Saturday Trouts joined our good friends at Denver Trout Unlimited and the Greenway Foundation to help clean up the South Platte River and help raise awareness about the $22 million river restoration project that is being launched to help improve our home water.

Fly Fishing Report: Spring Conditions On The South Platte River

April 29, 2014
Author: Will Rice

The main stem of the South Platte River continues to fish well as we push into spring and the flows continue to rise.  Higher flows are dislodging a lot of debris, bugs and other organisms into the river and the water also has a nice stained color and fish are actively feeding throughout the day.

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