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Trip Report | Happy Meadows on the South Platte

June 16, 2011
Author: Tucker Ladd

With runoff is full swing, and a day off to hit the water, I was a bit concerned that any and all tailwaters near the front range would be a crowded mess.  With few other options, and a strong desire to chase some trout, I opted to hit up 11-Mile Canyon knowing that there are plenty of other options if all else failed.  Upon arrival at 11-mile around 8:30am, my worst fears were proven true with countless vehicles heading up the canyon for a day of fishing.  Not wanting to endure a day of combat fishing, I retreated downstream to the Happy Meadows section of the South Platte.  There I was pleasant greeted to great looking water, minimal crowds, and trout feeding aggressively all day.

Happy Meadows on the South Platte River.  An often overlooked section of public water.

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Gear Review: Fishpond Prairie Grass Kit Bag

June 15, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff

I haven’t been much for fancy luggage since an upscale suit bag I was toting disappeared from a baggage claim area in 1995. I’ve used plain brown wrapper ever since.

Then last month I decided to attempt a week-long bonefishing trip with nothing more than a carry-on bag. I went rummaging through the ziploc storage, but they were all full of year-old peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I made last time I thought a zombie invasion was imminent. And I’d already calculated that I needed somewhere north of 2,000 cubic inches anyway.

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Trout Unlimited and the Colorado Water Project

June 15, 2011
Author: Admin
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The Motive | by Evan Phillippe

June 14, 2011
Author: Tucker Ladd
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Gear Review: Sage Xi3 990-4 Fly Rod

June 14, 2011
Author: Will Rice

I must start off by admitting that when it comes to fly rods, I have always preferred something with a more moderate action.  So when I packed up a 9wt. Xi3 for my trip to Bolivia, I was a bit hesitant that the rod would be a bit too fast for my liking.

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