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Hosted Float Trip on the Eagle River - UPDATE

June 12, 2013
Author: Will Rice

Just received this update on our Hosted Fly Fishing Float Trip on the Eagle River from our pals up at Vail Valley Anglers.

Fly Fishing Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

June 11, 2013
Author: Will Rice

Hey Ladies!  Looking to get the fly fishing father in your life a gift he won't forget?  Here are two options.  Check out Trouts Top 10 Father's Day Pro Gear Guide

Or... does the dad you have in mind have every piece of fly fishing equipment under the sun? Check out the fishing "gear" our pals over at SOL have for sale at there shop or online. SOL is a locally owned specialty shop right down the street from us so if you stop by Trouts for a gift it is an easy trip over to SOL.

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About the new Scott Radian, and betting on whether Gracie will get kicked off the pro staff

June 11, 2013
Author: Tucker Ladd

Scott Fly Rod sent our guy Michael Gracie a prototype rod to test and provide feedback on.  He did as they asked, except when it came to keeping mum on his findings.  Roughly a month before the rod hits shop floors, he’s gone and blogged about it.  Read the brief review of the new Scott Radian 905/4 here.  We are now taking wagers on how Scott will react to the premature disclosure – sending black helicopters to surveil Michael’s home presently tops the list at 3:1 odds.  Meanwhile, we should have our first shipment of the Radians in the shop in just a few weeks time – call or come by to reserve your Radian, check on availability, or just place your bet.

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June 10, 2013
Author: Will Rice

Exploring new fisheries and experimenting on your own is a great way to experience the State of Colorado with a fly rod.  Here is an article on the same topic that was published in the Drake Magazine that might be of interest if you have aspirations of going off the grid and exploring new frontiers on your own.

Fly Fishing Report: Waterton Canyon June 1st

June 7, 2013
Author: Will Rice

The first fish I hooked after a six mile bike ride up Waterton Canyon was a 13” or 14” rainbow that ate a red tungsten rojo midge.  The fish took the fly in a small section of slower moving water right in front of a two foot waterfall.  It first came toward me and then turned downstream just as quickly.  I knew that if the fish went into the faster water and over the small falls it was game over – there would be no chase due to the large and loose rocks that surrounded me.  I held the fish as best I could – it finally came up with a big head shake and spit my hook.

Game over.

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