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Gear Review: Nomad Guide Landing Net

June 28, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff

I will say I am impressed with Nomad's Long handle "Guide" net after using it on several outings and landing multiple species of fish. This net is made of a carbon-fiber graphite composite which makes the net very lightweight, yet durable and will tuck down the side of your pack and be relatively out-of the way of your legs.   (For my height I need four inches lopped off the bottom of the handle.) A huge upside to this net is the fact that it floats on the surface of the water and does not gradually start to sink over time.

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Gear Review: Simms Pursuit Gore-Tex Low Shoe

June 27, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff

After wearing Simms new Pursuit Gore-Tex shoes, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and durability of the shoe.

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Sage Announces the Debut of the ONE Fly Rod

June 23, 2011
Author: Tucker Ladd

Sage Fly Rods today made their first public announcement of their intent to launch a new line of fly rods named the ONE.  There has been a ton of speculation across the web in the past 2 weeks that the Z-Axis Fly Rod series was going to be discontinued and that a new more technologically advanced fly rod would be taking it's place.  I am personally releaved to hear that Sage if finally letting the cat out of the bag so to speak, and putting any speculation and rumor milling to rest.  Here is what Sage has to say about this exciting new fly rod.

06.23.2011– (Bainbridge Island, WA) – Sage Manufacturing, fly-fishing industry leader, launches the ONE™ rod series. The ONE rod is the first precision casting instrument to take advantage of Sage’s groundbreaking Konnetic™ technology. The ONE offers exceptional tracking with virtually no lateral or torsional movement, resulting in astonishing casting accuracy that is unparalleled in the marketplace.

The inherent strength of Konnetic technology allows ONE rods to have a smaller diameter and are 25% lighter than comparable Sage rods. These attributes combine to provide augmented aerodynamic efficiency. Further innovations are the 70% lighter, low profile ferrules that help direct and carry energy through the rod without sacrificing strength, critical action and feel.

“The ONE rod becomes a true extension of the angler’s arm,” notes Sage Chief Rod Designer, Jerry Siem. “It offers a more fluid transmission of energy from the arm to the fly. The eye sees the cast it wants to make and is translated to the hand through the rod instantaneously.”


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Trout’s Takes on the Louisiana Marsh | by R.A. Beattie

June 23, 2011
Author: Tucker Ladd
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Yeti Coolers Versus the Competition

June 20, 2011
Author: Admin
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