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October 16, 2012
Author: Will Rice
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Spey Q&A - Andrew Bennett

October 15, 2012
Author: Will Rice

Photo: Cameron Miller

Trout’s Fly Fishing was able to talk spey casting with Andrew Bennett from Deneki Outdoors.  Deneki owns and operates fly fishing lodges in AlaskaBritish Columbia, and the Bahamas.  Here's a taste:

"A couple of years ago I spent some time at Alaska West with my buddy Dec Hogan.  At that point I had a good amount of spey fishing under my belt - probably a couple hundred days, fishing with some of the better casters in the Northwest.  I asked him to have a look at my casting and tell me what he thought - expecting, of course, some finer points from the Master.  His incredibly technical bit of advice?  'Dude, you need to slow down.'"

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Trout’s Spotlight: Geoff Mueller

October 9, 2012
Author: Will Rice

Photo: Kat Yarbrough

Geoff Mueller is the former managing editor of Fly Fisherman Magazine and currently senior editor at The Drake Magazine and a contributing editor at Angling Trade Magazine. A few weeks back Trout's Fly Fishing was lucky enough to recruit Geoff as an assistant burger flipper for our Customer Appreciation Day.  If you didn't get a chance to catch up with him at our event you are in luck - we were able to spend a few minutes with Geoff after the grill cooled down to get the low-down on Abel gear, toxic margaritas, the High Park Fire, G4 Pro Waders, and plans for permit in October.

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Scouts and Trout’s

October 5, 2012
Author: Will Rice

This is why we why we volunteer.  

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Fall Road Trip: the Green

October 4, 2012
Author: Will Rice

Photo: Tim Romano

Who is ready for one last road trip this fall?  The Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam is one of the most renowned fisheries in the United States. Located in northeast Utah, this section of the river has 30 miles of solid floating water as well as sections to wade fish.

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