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Dear Mr. Division of Wildlife Officer

August 31, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff

Dear Mr. Division of Wildlife Officer,

Twice this year I have seen you on the river, and I think that you have seen me too, but you always walk right by and never give me the time of day.  Every  year I buy my annual fishing license, all in the hopes that you may come by and check it (okay, there is the benefits that go to habitat and conservation).  But year after year, nothing.  You'll walk by me , pass me in your cool DOW Pick-Up, or maybe even float by me on the river; and everytime you act like I don't exhist.  Are we fighting and I just don't know it?  Am I so intimidating that you fear to ask to see my license?  I just want to better understand why you have been avoiding me for so many years, and never want to check that I am a legal angler, and maybe even have a nice converstaion about all the awesome fish I have caught.  Well I truley hope to see you soon, maybe next time you'll come and chat, it really would make my day.


Tucker Ladd

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#1. Posted by Nick Ryan on August 31, 2011

Hi Tucker,

I’ve wondered the same thing for many years now. I’ve only been checked for my license 2-3 times in Colorado, since moving here in 1995. I kind of wish it would happen more like once or twice a year. And I agree that it would also be nice to have a short, cordial conversation after providing the officer with my proof of a legal license.



#2. Posted by Burt Charron on August 31, 2011

I at one time felt the same way. Then I realized he saw my fly rod and how I was conducting myself on the water, ie: picking up trash, releasing fish etc. He viewed me as no problem.  I was happy he ignored me, let him go get those bait dunkers on the C&R water with a cooler full of fish.  He has stopped me in the parking lot many a time, Only to ask of my day and talk about hatches.  I’ll tell him of the bear I saw in the raspberry bushes and he tells me his name. He has never asked to see my license, He never had to. He knew!  So go on past my green truck driving ambassador of the land.  When you have time we will talk until then you do your job and keep as many lawbreakers at bay as you can. I look forward to our next chat after dark in the parking lot I know you can’t drink on the job but I will offer you a swig every time.  Oh and I have a license if you need to see it.

#3. Posted by Bob on August 31, 2011

Tucker and Nick
you guys should move to Georgia, believe it or not we have some good trout fishing here, and I have had many hour long talks with DNR agents while I was fishing, one day in a remote part of the north Georgia mountains one of them walked up on me as I was on my 20th fish, and he ran back to his truck for his rod and fished with me for about an hour…....

#4. Posted by Tom Brown on September 2, 2011

I was approached the first day of the season by an officer near Deckers, he asked for my license and even gave me a few hints on fishing the stretch I was on. Last week while fishing the Arkansas, an officer came buy on a raft. He asked me how the fishing was going. So, I’ve had just the opposite experiences.

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