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Everything You Need to Know About our New River Report Section

May 24, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff

While there is quite a bit of new features of our NEW Website, none took the time, insight and effort as our new River Report Section.  We at Trout's know full well how important River Reports are to our customers, and we wanted to produce a section of our website that was dedicated to providing you all with the best information possible.  So I wanted to take opportunity to explain in more detail all that this new section of our site has to offer, and ultimately how it will work through the summer season.

Our River Reports are now separated into two different groups, Rivers We Report On, and Colorado Fishing Conditions.  Here is an explanation as to the difference between the two:

AnchorRivers We Report On:

A collection of rivers and lakes that we consider to be our "HOME WATER".  We use the term Home Water for when we get a day to go fishing, these are the places we fish.  We dedicate ourselves to update these reports on a weekly basis, at a minimum!  As river conditions change, so will these reports.


This section of the website provides a variety of information, so to help you better understand it all here is a brief breakdown of what exactly is in Rivers We Report On.

  • Current Fishing Conditions: this is a breakdown of the current conditions to expect on the given river.  This explanation will be brief if nothing has changed since the last report, or more indepth if there has been some notable changes.
  • Seasonal Overview: this is an explanation as to what you can expect the fishing to be like for the foreseable future.  Since conditions change so randomly, this section is meant to give you a more broad view of what might be happening on a given river.
  • Recommended Flies: these are the "HOT" flies for each river.  This is a short list of dries, nymphs and streamers that we would consider to be "must haves".
  • Tips & Tricks: this section offers users some thoughtful insight into ways to maximize your experience on the water.  Ultimatley, we're trying to pass along some of the tricks of the trade that we've picked up in our years of serving our customers.
  • Recommended Products: this is a short list of products and gear that you may want/need for a day on the water.  These are not must haves, but more simple suggestions from us here in the shop.

AnchorColorado Fishing Conditions:

A brief summary of fishing conditions for rivers and lakes across Colorado.  These reports include Real Time River Flow information, a brief synopsis of the current conditions, as well as a general rating system.  Some reports will be linked to Affiliate Fly Shops that help us keep our reports as up-to-date as possible.


Basically, the purpose of these reports is to offer our customers a brief and easy to use report section to help you better identify where you may or may not want to fish.  As we move forward, most of the content in this section will be provided by Affiliate Fly Shops and Guide Services to offer you all the most relevant and up-to-date information as possible.


Let us know if you have any further questions about this great new offering, otherwise click here and go check out our NEW River Report Section!

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