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Gear Review: Scott S4S 906-4 Fly Rod

November 9, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff

Every seasoned angler knows that you can't get a full appreciation of a fly rod until you can get it out on the water and test it with a little "fish weight" behind it.  Michael Gracie, finance and technology guru, put together a Long Term Rod Review of the Scott S4S 906-4 Fly Rod over at his blog.

"I’ve pulled off a few half-fast rod reviews in the past, only to find some quirk down the road that made me dislike the stick. And go looking for something new. Hence, this review is long term, as I’ve owned the Scott S4S 906/4 for better than eighteen months now.

As rods go, I’ve pared down my quiver considerably in the past few years. The goal: update my rigs while making them serve multiple duties. Let’s face it, premium fly rods are a significant investment—when you plow money into a business venture, you look for multiple revenue streams, so why not look to use your expensive fly rods for multiple situations and multiple species? Over the last year and a half I’ve spent more time with Scott’s saltwater six than any other rod I own. And as a result, I will likely spend more time with it going forward… than any other rod I own."

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