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Gear Review: Winston Boron IIMX 590-4 Fly Rod

February 8, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff

What We Say:

I have always been a true believer in the “green sticks,” and was quite excited to hear about Winston coming out with a TRUE fast action rod. What Winston created was a rod of powerhouse proportions. When cast with a properly selected line, the rod threw any amount of line with ease. Accuracy was also not a problem, as even in a stiff wind, the rod would place your line on a dime. I will say that this is not a “feel” rod. Those who enjoy the pleasures of a medium action rod (i.e. mending, delicate presentations) will probably not enjoy the MX greatly. But if you’re the angler seeking a fast do-it-all rod with some punch, the MX is for you.

Last Minute Thoughts:

After much nagging and persuading by fly shops and guides, Winston will finally be debuting a 9 ft. 4-weight model in the Boron II-MX. This will truly be the ultimate Colorado Trout Rod. We just received one today, so come by the shop and give it a go!

What They Say:

“Winston’s new fresh and saltwater Boron II-MX series. The MX stands for maximum, as in maximum power, distance and fish fighting capabilities. While all eleven models feature faster actions, they will amaze you with their responsiveness and light weight."

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