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How Was Fishing This Weekend? – June 24th Edition

June 24, 2013
Author: Will Rice

Photo - Alex Landeen

It looks like everyone had a lot of fun this weekend – the staff here at Trouts included.  Rick was able to connect with a number of mako and blue sharks in San Diego, Tucker fished the Eagle River with a group of our clients and I was able to spend a couple of days on the Colorado River.

As always, vote for your favorite!  The photo with the most votes will win a Trouts Signature Fly Box filled with flies and a Trouts Trucker Cap.  Let your voice be heard!

#1) Andy Chapman sent this one in – looks like everyone is enjoying the river.

#2)  Chelsey Johnson made it happen on a tributary of the South Platte River.

#3) This photo is from Philip Eggleton of Trout Town Adventures and Guide Services in upstate New York and captures my nephew Jack catching his first trout on a fly rod as his father looks on!  Go Jack! 

#4)  Scott DeMoss and Jeff Johnson got after it again this weekend.  Here was the short report: Great fishing weekend for DeMoss and I as well.  Bass, Pike, and lots of trout.  The pike photos are lost due to a wet iphone…” 

Nice brown... Bummer on the phone!

#5) Ex CO resident Jason Siler mugs with Big Small E. 

#6) Sam Fetzer captured this one – from parts unknown.

#7) Deanna Dozsack sent this shot in of our big "303 Shootout Winner" From last week.  Here’s the back drop:  “We were up at XXXX today and this was the best picture of Marshall lol. He hooked into a rainbow trout, reeled him in and lost him just as I was about to snap a photo. As you can tell by Marshall's face, it was a sad story lol. We will get him next time!”

#8)  Alex Landeen joined Rick Mikesell on his 2013 Mako Mission.  More on this mad cap adventure in the days to come…

#9) Mike Thomas (aka "Boston Mike") took this shot on the Colorado River.

#10)  Geoff Mueller from the Drake Magazine sent this image in.  Apparently there was some type of warm water throw-down in Montana that I'm sure you'll read about soon...

Late entry... #11) Photo by A.J. Swentosky, curator of, taken somewhere in the Arkansas River drainage. 

Make your vote count! 


#1. Posted by Jay Park on June 24, 2013

I got to vote #8.  Sick picture!  Looks like Rick had an awesome time.  Very jealous.

#2. Posted by Jeff on June 24, 2013

My vote is for 4 - love browns.  #1 and #8 are great photos!!

#3. Posted by McTage on June 24, 2013

10 of course.

#4. Posted by Kim on June 24, 2013

#4!  At least he’ll get some redemption from winning the photo contest after a killing the iphone!

#5. Posted by KJ on June 25, 2013


#6. Posted by Ken on June 25, 2013

#4.  Tells a good story.

#7. Posted by Petey on June 25, 2013

#4. Love me some browns.

#8. Posted by Jared on June 25, 2013

#4 takes it. Happy, well-fed brown trout are a thing of beauty. Love the red spots.

#9. Posted by Dan Frasier on June 25, 2013

Number 10!

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