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Kings of the River - a short film by Reel Action Media

July 28, 2010
Author: Trouts Staff

Since finding out that I’ll be headed to Bolivia in May 2011 to chase Golden Dorado, I have been scowering the interenet for any snippets of info I can find on this amazing fish.  I came across this amazing video this morning and had to share it with our faithful followers.  Enjoy!

Kings of the River from Henry Harrison on Vimeo.

Shot in spring of 2009 by Mike Nelson of Patagonia Fishing Company on an HVX200, this was a fun festival piece. Mike has some camera experience but mainly he excels at putting people into great fishing situations. I had to find a way to make the footage work and decided to go for a surrealist touch. Hence the hyper saturation and mattes. All sounds were location sounds. The percussion sound came from a log in the current shown in the 2nd clip of the film.

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