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McKee’s Rubber Legs

August 6, 2009
Author: Trouts Staff


  • Hook: TMC 200R sz. 8-14
  • Thread:6/0 Uni Thread (any color)
  • Weight:  Lead wrapped underbody
  • Antenna:  Barred Silly Legs
  • Body: Solid or Variagated Chennile
  • Legs: Barred Silly Legs
  • Tail: Barred Silly Legs

Although it looks absurdly simple and basic, this fly is one of the most effective stonefly patterns around.  Although the above picture represents a good pattern for Salmonflies, this fly can be tied using a variety of different colored bodies and legs to match the bugs found on your local water.  Because it is such a simple tie, this is a must for anybody looking to start tying their own flies.

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