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NEW GEAR | The F2 Fly Rod Series from Scott Fly Rods

September 21, 2010
Author: Trouts Staff

Scott Fly Rods

F2 Fiberglass Fly Rod Series

Available Date: October 2010F2_scott_rod_web

Price: $595.00

What we have to say about it:  Scott Fly Rods has always been a company that doesn’t follow the traditional norms of fly rod design, which is why their rods are loved and sought after by the industries best and brightest.  So for 2011, how could one of the top fly rod manufacturers stray from the pack and really stand out?  How about debuting an entirely new line of Fiberglass fly rods.  Introducing the F2 Fly Rod Series.  We had the opportunity to cast these rods at the IFTD Show in September, and it was absolute love at first cast.  The first thing that stood out about these rods was the color, a classic yellow that instantly reminds you of your grandfathers classic fiberglass rods.  In addition, these rods have a delicate taper that delivers the fly line with a super smooth and precise presentation.  While not a fly rod for the masses, those anglers that have a love and appreciation for medium action fly rods will absolutely love the new F2.

What Scott Fly Rods has to say about it:

This year we’re introducing a full new line up of glass rods that both improve performance and pay homage to our long history with the material.  Scott has been handcrafting high performance rods made from fiberglass longer than any other company. We’re approaching our 40th year designing and building fly rods with fiberglass.  We feel that glass is uniquely suited to fishing applications that call for close range casts, and offer more fun and enjoyment when targeting small fish.  This series of rods incorporate a new S-glass fabric weave with a highly biased fiber distribution and combine that with a new epoxy resin system. The blanks are joined using Scott hollow internal ferrules.  These design features allowed us to significantly decrease the perceived weight of the rods, and get a smoother deeper bending rod curve that recovers more quickly than previous glass rods.  This means the rods can be very light with out sacrificing accuracy or losing control of the cast.  As a tribute to our innovative designs in glass rods during the early ‘70s, we’ve gone back to our traditional yellow/honey colored glass, light brown wraps and touches like finish cork on the grips and cork insert reel seats.

Models come in the following sizes and are priced at $595.00:

  • 6’0” 2 Weight/3 Pieces
  • 6’6” 3 Weight/3 Pieces
  • 7’0” 3 Weight/3 Pieces
  • 7’7” 4 Weight/3 Pieces
  • 8’2” 5 Weight/4 Pieces
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