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New Winston Fly Rods for 2011

September 14, 2010
Author: Trouts Staff

Our faithful Winston Fly Rod rep Scott Harkins was by the shop yesterday with a little surprise; the NEW 2011 Winston Fly Rods.  Now this isn’t the first time in the past few years that Winston, or any fly rod company for that matter, has debuted a new fly rod; but I can say with absolute certainty that it has been a while since I have been this excited about a new fly rod offering.  So here it is, the NEW 2011 fly rods from R.L. Winston Rod Company:

BIIIX:   just by looking at the name it is clear that this rod will be replacing an old staple in the Winston line-up.  That’s right, the old faithful BIIX will officially be discontinued as of September, 2010.  Now before the old guard gets to upset over this news, let me assure you that the new BIIIX is a far superior, better casting, better fishing fly rod then it’s predecessor.  Everything that most anglers disliked about the BIIX has been fixed (primarily the overly soft butt and mid section), and everything that we loved about the BIIX has been preserved.  The BIIIX has more Boron material in the butt section then any other rod in this category, giving the new BIIIX a stiffer butt without adding weight.  The stiffer butt section perfectly transitions into a stiffer mid section, which allows this new rod to achieve longer and more accurate casts.  A bit more power also makes this rod more versatile when it comes to throwing larger flies and heavier rigs.  All said and done, this fly rod is going to blow the fly fishing industry off it’s feet, and surely propel Winston forward as a leader of fly rod manufacturing and design.

GVX:  We’ve been asking for it for years, and Winston has finally taken notice.  The GVX is the first mid priced fly rod Winston has ever offered, and the best part is that it is still hand made in Twin Bridges, MT.  That’s right, Winston isn’t farming this rod out oversees, and with a sticker price of $495 it will surely allow many more anglers the abiltiy to own one of these infamous green sticks.  What makes the new GVX even more likable is that it is essentially the classic Winston BIIX, but made entirely with graphite instead of a graphite/boron mix.  So while this rod may not be as lightweight as those rods in the Boron series, it does have an amazing action and feel in hand.  It was able to cast 70′ on a dime, but also gave us plenty of feel and precision at shorter distances.  So whether you’re looking for a lower priced American made fly rod, or you want to find something similar to the classic Winston BIIX, the GVX will surely fit your needs.

VSL:  The new VSL will replace the Vapor rod series.  It is lighter in the hand, and has a much more progressive taper allowing for more accurate and technical casts.  Although this fly rod is still manufactured over in China, it is an ideal option for those looking to get into the Winston brand without breaking the bank.  Although the Vapor was a popular fly rod in the under $300 category, I have little doubt that the new VSL will easily takes it’s place and be a welcome addition to the Winston family.

Passport:  Coming in at $199, the new Winston Passport will be replacing the Ascent series.  I was never much of a fan of the Ascent, as it never seemed to have much feel or precision, but I did enjoy this new rod and believe that it is a great option for any beginner angler.

All four new models will be shipping to us on September 13, 2010, and we are taking pre orders for anybody wanted to ensure they can get their hands on one of these fine sticks as soon as their available.  In addition, we will have demo’s available in the BIIIX and GVX for anybody interested.

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