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Notable New Products for 2011

September 21, 2010
Author: Trouts Staff

The International Fly Tackle Dealer Show (IFTD) concluded a little over a week ago, and I’ve been meaning to do some posts on some of the more notable new products that were debuted for 2011.  All in all, there are some great new offerings that I am sure all of our customers will be very excited about (I know we were).  Be sure and keep in mind that many of these products are available now, so be sure and take note of the “Available Date” field on each product.

Ross ReelsF1 Fly Reel

F1 Fly Reel

Available Date:  November 1, 2010

Price:  starts at $425

What We have to Say:  Ross has raised the bar in fly reel design with the F1 reel series.  It is beautifully machined, has a bomber drag that could stop a freight train (verdict is still out though as to whether this elaborate of a drag is really necessary on a trout reel), and looks about as sexy as a Ferrari.  Although this isn’t a reel for the masses, those who are looking for the most technologically advanced fly reel will certainly be please with this new offering from Ross.  In the end, we say kudos to Ross for coming out with such an exciting new product.

What Ross has to say: After more than two years of design, development and testing, Ross is pleased to introduce the F1TM – a large arbor fly reel series that is destined to revolutionize modern fly reel design. The F1 is a complete departure from conventional thinking and incorporates the most innovative features found in any fly reel today. Inspired by the break system utilized in Formula 1 race cars, the F1 is an integration of carbon fiber and stainless steel; utilizing eight independent contact points to produce the smoothest and most dependable drag system on the market today. Two square inches of carbon fiber drag surface results in unsurpassed stopping power and heat dissipation. The spool fits to a carbon fiber stabilizer which utilizing two fully sealed stainless steel ball bearings to provide precision fit and smooth rotation. The F1 employs a Ross original clutch bearing that is fully sealed and enables retrieve conversion without removing the bearing- an industry first! The extensive use of carbon fiber in the drag system, spool stabilizer, handle and spool release provide system strength and rigidity, while reducing overall weight. Ten separate o-rings completely seal the system, making it totally impervious to the drag-changing effects of water. The entire system is controlled by a constant-torque drag knob with a 56:1 mechanical advantage; resulting in uniform drag knob rotation and infinite drag adjustment.

The F1…a fly reel revolution!

click here to view more information about this fly reel

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