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“Over the River” is Over the Limit | by Kirk Deeter

December 20, 2011
Author: Trouts Staff

Kirk Deeter, Editor at Angling Trade Magazine, offers his perspective on the proposed "Over the River" project by famed artist Christo.  While we at Trout's Fly Fishing are proponents of the arts, we have to agree with Mr. Deeter that this project is flawed no matter how you look at it.  Nature is a beautiful and wonderus thing, and it is hard to imagine why somebody would want to try, or think they could make it any better.

"I appreciate fine art.  I encourage creative expression.  I write about things that promote tourism, almost every day.  And I think the Arkansas River in the Colorado high country is worth visiting.

Yet, for the life of me, I cannot understand how the artist Christo’s proposed “Over the River” project makes any sense at all.

In a very brief nutshell, Christo plans to hang several miles of fabric material over the Arkansas River.  Christo has accomplished many interesting nature-meets-landscape art projects, from drapes in New York’s Central Park, to encasing the German Parliament building in fabric, to a curtain across Rifle Gap in Colorado (which lasted less than two days before the wind blew it away, though those of us who fish that area still see the 40-year remnants of the project).

My gut reaction to his latest proposed plan is, “How vain?”  How dare anyone attempt to “beautify” what’s already there?  It seems to me that God/Nature or whatever you feel inclined to understand has already created a magnificent landscape that is more visually spectacular, more honest and real, than anything any artist might improve, augment, or comment on, even for a short span.  Why would we trade the “what is,” for a concept, or a statement?"

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Our sincerest thanks to Mr. Deeter for taking the time to share is opinions on this project.

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