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Archives from August 2014

Fly Fishing For Carp: Stillwater Edition

June 9, 2014
Author: Trouts Staff

It looks like many rivers in central Colorado might have reached their peak flows last week and have now begun to descend.  When flows are high, it is a great time to explore stillwater fisheries. Two weeks ago we talked a bit about fly fishing for carp in Denver’s South Platte River, this week we have a photo essay from some of our recent stillwater adventures.

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New Product Spotlight: Scott SC Cane Bamboo Fly Rod

June 6, 2014
Author: Will Rice

You need to see this to believe it.  Trouts Fly Fishing is proud to announce that we have received one of the only Scott SC Cane Bamboo Fly Rods that exist on the planet.  This is absolutely a unique rod for us and is radically different from other bamboo fly rods in the market.  Here is how Rick Mikesell put it after casting the SC this morning:

"This rod is radically different from other cane offerings out there, and after casting it I can see it is one of the few bamboo rods I have touched that is truly a fishing tool in the modern sense," said Mikesell.  “These rods are handmade by Naoki Hashimoto, who is the current star of Japanese Bamboo rod building. Every thing on the rod is handmade aside from the guides – handmade ferrules, cork, insert, all componentry - ven the rod sock is hand sewn by Hashimoto out of Kimono Cloth . Hashimoto’s focus on these rods is to create truly fishable bamboo.”

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On-Stream Intermediate Fly Fishing School: July 19th

June 6, 2014
Author: Will Rice

This is a one day fly fishing school that demonstrates the finer points of dry fly fishing and allows students who have some experience to advance their skill level and fine tune their approach.  Our Intermediate Dry Fly Clinic will be held at our WCR Ranch - located on a small tributary of the upper Colorado River, approximately 35 miles in length. The creek rises in northwestern Grand County, in the Arapaho National Forest at the top of the continental divide and flows southeast toward the Colorado River.

South Platte Fly Fishing Report: June

June 5, 2014
Author: Trouts Guide Service

Fishing the South Platte River over the past week and a half has been dynamic.  This past Saturday, we saw a significant increase in flows during our On-Stream Beginner Fly Fishing School.  The river was high when we arrived and we saw it increase throughout the day. The flows near Deckers actually quadrupled over a 24-hour period.  Even with rising water levels, the fishing was still good.

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Flies, Films, and Foam: The Lineup

June 4, 2014
Author: Will Rice

Trouts Fly Fishing and the Fly Fishing Film Tour are excited to announce the lineup of films that have been chosen for our inaugural “Flies, Film and Foam” event being held June 12th from 8-10pm at the Thin Man Tavern.  Without any further ado, here is the lineup...

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