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The Blood Knot

July 29, 2009
Author: Trouts Staff

The blood knot is most commonly used for joining monofilament of similar diameters together.  Most people will use this knot instead of the classic double surgeons, as it tends to finish a bit cleaner.  When you first tie this knot you will a bit challenged and uncoordinated, but like any other knot, with practice you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

Step 1


Lay the lines on top of one and other facing in opposite directions.   Cross one end over the other, and wrap this line three or four times around the other.  Then place the end of this line in the crotch or the V formed by the two lines.


Step 2


Do the same with the other tag end, being sure to pass the end through the loop in the opposite direction to the first line.


Step 3


Slowly pull on the standing ends to draw the knot together. When the knot is formed, lubricate with saliva and pull the knot up tight.


Step 4


Trim the tag ends off so that they don’t catch in the rod guides.


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