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The Egg - you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em

October 12, 2009
Author: Trouts Staff

Every year, there are certain indications that let us know that fall is in facteggs upon us.  These include: leaves changing into their beautiful fall colors, temperatures steadily dropping, snow occasionally falling, and the brown trout spawning!  Oh yes, fall is a wonderful time of year, one that is eagerly awaited by all fly anglers.  Yet this annual tradition for angler and fish is guaranteed to come with the inevitable debate regarding fly fishing with egg patterns.  To me this has always been a fascinating debate because many people theories and logic go directly against scientific fact, and some stretch scientific fact to meet the needs of their outlandish claims.

The debate:

Anti-Egg: fly fishing with egg patterns is a small step away from bait fishing, and is basically cheating.


Pro-Egg: eggs are naturally in the water during the fall and spring due to the spawning fish, and thus the fish only eat egg patterns because they are naturally in the water.

Having the privilege of standing behind the counter in a fly shop on a daily basis, I hear countless arguments on both sides of the debate.  In the interest of attempting to come to some sort of resolution regarding this matter, I thought I would open this post up to all you readers.  So go on now, don’t be shy, just sound off and lets get this discussion rolling!

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