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Trout’s Chewy Flies - Barr’s PMD Flashback Emerger

June 18, 2009
Author: Trouts Staff

Hook: #16-24 2488H or TMC 106TC

Thread: Iron gray 8/0 Uni-Thread

Tail:Brown hackle fibers

Abdomen: Brown olive synthetic dubbing with Antron mixed in

Thorax: Adams gray Wapsi Superfine

Wingcase & Legs: Brown hackle fibers

Bead Head: Optional

With PMD’s starting to hatch around the state, I wanted to post one of my go-to PMD emerger patterns.  I have had tremendous success fishing this fly behind a dry, or on deep nymph rigs.  John Barr has one of the most useful and effective assortment of fly patterns for numerous species, and I must say that I have had more success with the Barr’s Emerger (whether PMD or BWO) then any other fly.

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